Jane Loves Breakfast

Breakfasts and baking that I have loved, learned and shared

Read on for recipes and links to movements, stories and campaigns connected to the food we eat.


I’ve been an enthusiastic, gushing follower of “wellness” and “pure” trends through temporary veganism, needless wheat avoidance, non-refined sugar snobbery, to the point where I am currently a vegetarian just to play it safe until I work out what I actually think about meat.

I’m also buying organic milk and yogurt, and eggs just from Jill at work. I’m fairly sure a giant industry has won and I am throwing money into a system that has bent my mind over and backwards so many times I have no idea what my values and tastes are.

That said, I do love eating, I think it’s a gift that something we need to perform at least three times a day can be such a source of joy, pleasure and fun. I enjoy reading about food, and I think about food actually more than is healthy (as in, I am recovering from an eating disorder and obsessively fixate about food- I also think these blogs have a responsibility to disclose the relationships their writers have with food, as aiming for a vision of health and perfection is dangerous).

I think this page is a celebration, an analogue and an experiment. I think I am good at making food, I’m good at making up recipes, and I love breakfast.

So I’m taking some pictures and writing them down. Because they taste good and give me comfort, or because I’ve enjoyed them with friends, or because they remind me of somewhere I’ve been.

Not because of anything else.