Banana Pancakes 2.0

A bit of a cupboard rummage triumph, I am very lucky there are such nice things in my parents’ kitchen, this was very easy and very quick to make, and SO much fun to eat. Very easy Saturday breakfast or…even a Friday breakfast if you like treats and are happy to get up 15 minutes earlier (I would say 10, but it pisses me off when chefs don’t factor washing up time into their meal prep estimates).

Controversial, but I think this version is nicer than the version with eggs, and almost definitely is a better breakfast because of the very boring carbs it includes. Need that energy for all the breakfast excitement.



For one person



1 banana

2.5 tbsp rye flour (or normal flour, for probably a lighter pancake, but this worked well with the sweetness of the other ingredients)

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

Squeeze lemon juice

1tbsp raisins

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp mixed spice

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 peach, cut into 2-3 cm chunks.

½ tbsp butter, or coconut oil or 1tsp of vegetable or rapeseed oil

Banana Pancakes 2.0


Heat a pan on medium-high heat

In a bowl, mash the banana as much as you can be bothered.

Add the flour and stir together, adding the spices and 1 tsp of the vanilla extract, combining evenly.

Add the raisins and bicarbonate of soda, and stir in before squeezing in the lemon juice, stirring again until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

Add the butter/oil to the pan and let it melt and spread to cover the whole pan, make sure it is happily starting to bubble a bit, even smoke a little, and then pour in your mixture, pressing down/spreading with a spoon (you will probably have to scrape the bowl to get it all out as well) so that you have one pancake, just under 1cm thick.

Check the edges to make sure it isn’t sticking, and wait for the bottom of the pancake to be solid. Use a spatula or fishslice to flip the pancake over and cook the other side.

When the bottom (was top) is solid, slide the pancake onto a plate.

Drizzle the second tsp of vanilla on the peach chunks and tip them into the hot pan (but maybe turn down the heat a little if it seems too high). Press down with your spatula to get a nice charred effect, and allow them to soften a bit.

Tip them onto the pancake and enjoy.


(Double fruit – triple if you count the raisins- you’re 2 down just at breakfast!)

3 thoughts on “Banana Pancakes 2.0

      1. I hope you do! I always buy an extra bag of oats and blend them to make Oat flour so I always have it on hand. Makes this recipe SUPER QUICK! Let me know if you try the recipe 😁


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