Banana Pancakes

The happiest I have ever been (not the only time I have been this happy, but certainly the perfect mix of excited, comfortable, interested and feeling valued) was making these pancakes as part of a wider breakfast spread with friends in a holiday apartment in Kea, a beautiful and magical yet reachable Greek island. The photos on Facebook (which I have shamelessly used to make sure all of the food memories are accurate) are of all happy faces around the table, just fun and laughter and everyone following the impulses they wanted to follow, but all part of the same trip together.

Really easy breakfast, amazing with fruit salad (yes, DOUBLE FRUIT) and yogurt (full fatty greek yummy yogurt) or Aurora’s peanut butter. Which she was very generous to share with us all and which goes beautifully with bananas.


Method: ratios of 1:1:2 banana:egg:eaters

Mash the banana LOADs, make it as pulpy and liquid as you can, and beat in the egg, whisk as much as you have patience for to make pancake batter as light as possible.

Heat up a pan on medium-high heat, and then add oil or butter, whatever you like to cook pancakes with, let it melt/spread across the whole pan.

Drop two or three, depending on pan size, tablespoonfulls of the batter in your pan, spaced out to create schotch-pancake sized pancakes (these will be much easier to flip and much less likely to fall apart).

Check the edges of the pancakes, and wait until the underneaths are firm, and then use a spatula or fish slice to carefully turn each one over (I would not recommend artsy flipping for these pancakes, however tempting). When the bottom (what was the top) is also firm, slide them onto a plate. Repeat until all of the batter is used.

20170503_092705Serve with whatever you like.

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