I decide to incorporate a little less at the start of my Croatia leg. I’ll meet Becky in a week in Split and have plenty of time to see things. What I’d enjoy now is some down time and getting on with uni prep (because I 100% got in) and learning some Greek (because I am 100% going back to Athens in 2 weeks). I’ll stay three days in Rijeka at a “yoga hostel” with the adjoining veggie bistro. The day of the journey from Piran includes assorted less than healthy pastries. I’m starving when I get off the bus and craving a Feast Choc-Ice. I buy a little pizza bread by the bus station and stupidly decide to walk the 48 minutes Google predicts to the hostel, in the 38 degree heat and with my huge backpack. I buy something like a magnum and the crack of its chocolate coating is as satisfying as I had hoped.

I am horribly hot and much-more-than-moistly sweaty when I reach the hostel and am a bit embarrassed when I’m invited to the beach. I shower and head down to an evening of welcome but certainly excessive beers and pizza. The beach at Rijeka is so crowded I am surprised there aren’t more crying children, but the sea is clear and the sun is bright and jumping into the water between pints feels perfect. The midnight swim in the still warm sea is a great end to the night.

THE BREAKFAST at this hostel was fairly incredible and definitely deserves some photo recognition, especially as it started a phase of LOVING fresh figs like nothing else. Typing this up in Autumnal October they actually sound otherworldly.


(Figs grown on a fig tree I could SEE from the table!)

Anyway, the one post a week aspirations I began in this hostel quite quickly fell apart as I had a lot of fun in Zadar, followed by very short stays elsewhere, before ending up back in Athens in August. “Write” remained on my to-do list the whole time I was there but evidently and naturally never got crossed off.

The outcome of Athens for this page is about to become clear, as I’ve had one feature in mind for at least a month now, somewhat to do with food, mostly to do with foolish decisions that I’m somehow still committed to. So as of next post I’m going to jump forward in time to almost present day, probably with a lot more references to libraries, text books and easy to make snacks and Tupperware friendly lunches.


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