Banana Pancakes 2.0

A bit of a cupboard rummage triumph, I am very lucky there are such nice things in my parents’ kitchen, this was very easy and very quick to make, and SO much fun to eat. Very easy Saturday breakfast or…even a Friday breakfast if you like treats and are happy to get up 15 minutes … More Banana Pancakes 2.0

Banana Pancakes

The happiest I have ever been (not the only time I have been this happy, but certainly the perfect mix of excited, comfortable, interested and feeling valued) was making these pancakes as part of a wider breakfast spread with friends in a holiday apartment in Kea, a beautiful and magical yet reachable Greek island. The … More Banana Pancakes

Baked Oatmeal

This is actually the first recipe I ever wrote down in my first ever “recipe book”- a project I handcrafted, because it didn’t occur to me that the internet had happened and a blog would be far more sensible, in a pretty blue Moleskine (I don’t know if we used the word “hipster” with an … More Baked Oatmeal