Capitals, Cabbage and Chakchuka; all Green in Slovenia Part 2

Out of the capital city and to Bled. The hostel is completely different and it feels easy to talk to people again. Lake Bled is beautiful, I can walk and swim and walk and swim again all afternoon, and I start my afternoon with some beautifully creamy pear, cinnamon and walnut porridge. It’s simple but … More Capitals, Cabbage and Chakchuka; all Green in Slovenia Part 2

Aubergine “Pate” (and balsamic onion tart)

About three years ago I started volunteering with FoodCycle Bristol, a pretty amazing group of volunteers who cycle around local shops and supermarkets on a Saturday morning, taking all the fresh fruit and veg that would have been thrown away and spend ingthe next two and a half hours making a free three course meal … More Aubergine “Pate” (and balsamic onion tart)

Khora Curry Cake

Difficult to write about this recipe because of there being so so much to say about the Khora kitchen, which I don’t quite feel up to writing if I am honest. Khora Community Centre in Athens is quite an incredible place and movement, where I met the most creative, patient, understanding and intelligent people I … More Khora Curry Cake